Mass Against Mandates

About MAM

MAM is a freedom movement, founded by a mom who was tired of watching her children and other Mass residents suffer under arbitrary COVID-19 related mandates. What started as a call-to-action group has blossomed into an army of thousands of freedom fighters. The administrative team behind MAM (made up of fearless moms) works hard to educate, advocate, and publish easy to complete action items for community members, that will help end the damaging and arbitrary mandates we have all experienced since early 2020. Our objectives will never be accomplished by sitting behind a keyboard. We must all become active and support each other in our local communities and on a state-wide level.

We support science, not rhetoric. We support facts, not hearsay. We support data, not agendas. We support CHOICE, because medical freedom is a human right.

Over 200 local MAM groups across the state! Find your local group here